3D Mink Lash FAQ

How many times can I use my lashes?

You can use your lashes up to 20 times with proper care!


How do I care for my lashes to ensure that they last for multiple uses?

  • Be gentle with your lashes! Treat your mink lashes as gently as you do your own lashes. Try not to tug at the hair of the lash, remove gently from packaging by taking a pair of tweezers to the band and pulling lightly.
  • While you still have the lashes on, take a cotton bud dipped in water-based makeup remover and lightly move across the band of the lash to loosen the glue and then remove from your eye.
  • After each use, remove the left over glue from your lashes. Use your fingers or a pair of tweezers to gently remove the rest of the glue from both sides of the band.
  • Don’t use water on the hair of the lash to ensure that the curl of the lash stays intact.
Store your lashes in their original packaging for reshaping, continuous use, to ensure they don’t get damaged, and are not subjected to dust and bacteria.